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Established in February 2014, CAS is a committed user-led community advice service provider where residents who use the services determine the direction of the organisation, advocate their needs and plan their own support. It is our believe that given the right advice and support, CAS can help to support a person in making life changing choices, taking decisions, securing rights, acting in his or her interests, contributing to their community and becoming more confident and prosperous in society. CAS has a membership of 435 residents from the Borough of Sandwell. CAS is also focused on designing innovative advice projects and securing external funding to support free advice service in areas where needs are not being met.


CAS’s vision is to promote free information advice and advocacy to resolve problems and the objectives are:

  • To provide confidential and free advice and advocacy

  • To educate the residents, so that they can participate wholly and competently in matters affecting them.

  • To maximise income for vulnerable groups, not economically active or on low income.

  • To reduce the level and take up of debt and train up residents on effective management of their finance.

  • To improve the movement from welfare to work and progression out of low paid poverty jobs.

  • To initiate, promote and undertake research and evaluation of existing social and welfare policies.

  • To improve residents access to the advice information and advocacy and remove barriers to that access.

  • To work in conjunction with other organisations including advice agencies to promote welfare rights and equality.

  • To secure external funding and partnerships to support the work of advice service sector in Sandwell and beyond.

  • To work towards the empowerment of all residents within the advice system and consequently within the society.